Yonex Precision 5.0 Stringing Machine

Yonex Precision 5.0 Stringing Machine


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Yonex Precision 5.0 Stringing Machine is the latest by Yonex which has been created to increase stringing efficiency by 15% and an additional 5% more accuracy compared to conventional machines.  The Precision 5 machine features a new disc braking system, which is used in cars and aircrafts, enabling speed and accuracy.

Yonex’s high-performance Yonex Precision 5.0 Stringing Machine is specially made to meet the demands of the world-class Yonex Stringing Team. The machine allows highly-skilled technicians to string with the utmost of accuracy so players can compete at their highest level at tournaments. The new PT8 Deluxe features design improvements focusing on the four elements critical to carrying out high-quality stringing.


    • Features "Disc Break" system for quick and accurate reaction
    • auto-locking turntable which allows even more accuracy with each pull.
    • The display panel has large buttons which have been strategically placed for less mistakes and usage frequency.
    • Easy to adjust height
    • 2 USB Ports
    • Side tray
    • Large drawer suitable for storing tools.
    • 1-3 year limited warranty. Call Yonex @ (800) 992-9461 for details.
    • Owners Manual: PRECISION 5.0 Owners Manual
    • Item #: Precision 5.0

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Weight 80.00 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 in