The Tennis Pack (6-Pack)



We all know how it works. Each of us on the court has just two or three balls. Errors and winning strokes can quickly leave us without ammo.
We must then retrieve the lost balls, which are typically scattered on the court. Hence, the flow and pleasure of the game or practice gets interrupted.

But the TennisPack provides for another way. It allows you to carry more ammo (6 balls), which translates into more constant hitting time and a better flow of practices, serves, and games.

It’s simple math, really. In order to ensure relatively continuous play, tennis requires many tennis balls. Sure, if we were perfect and never made errors, then only one ball might be sufficient ”that is, if we didn’t try to hit any winners (not likely!).

Because the reality on the court is different, the more balls we have available, the more time we can spend hitting. Any pro or ball machine maker knows this, of course. Unfortunately, pros with hoppers and loaded ball machines are not always available (or desirable). The TennisPack gives you and your partner the freedom to hit many more balls and to keep them close and out of the way of your energetic feet.

The Design

The TennisPack solves the functionality, capacity, and esthetic problems of other designs. It is optimally designed to be both esthetically and
ergonomically pleasing to the tennis player.

Balls do not move around or distract during play. Even one ball does not move. This is because of the friction between the tight neoprene and the tennis ball felt.

The pack becomes part of you. You’ll hardly notice that you have balls in there. That’s thanks to the supportive sides and the neoprene.

No seams or buckles to irritate or pinch your skin. You can even wear it shirtless (though we don’t advise this for women at least not on public


Colors to match your tennis apparel. Fits right in with your typical tennis clothes and shoes. Gray and navy on white are nearly universal. Other colors, such as red, will be available soon.

It’s an integral addition to your other tennis accessories.  The TennisPack fills the long-standing niche between the voluminous (yet cumbersome) hopper and one’s handy (yet restrictive)

pockets.  Keeps dirty balls away from your shorts or skirts. All the dirt that the balls pick up is redirected onto the pack, not your clothes.  And the TennisPack is easily hand washable.

Doubles as a ball container, so everyone can now toss their unwieldy cans.   Tennis balls are immediately ready for the next game, practice, or serve. Feel the advantage of not having to fetch the

next ball, or wait for your partner to find and toss you one.  Allows you to rally with your partner with 12 balls (two packs).  Great coaching and teaching aid that makes tennis easier for newcomers. Keeps the novice more focused on hitting, who now realizes that it’s ok to hit a couple into the net -there’s more where they came from. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in USA
Patent Pending

Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Grey, Blue


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