Selkirk Tacky Grip Towel


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Selkirk Tacky Grip Towel:

The Selkirk Tacky Grip Towel is perfect when you just need to get a grip on those hot, humid summer days. Don't let sweat make your hand or grip slick when you need to play a big point. The Tacky Grip Towel is perfect for carrying around in your bag because it won't leave a dusty or sticky mess. Better control, better grip, and better performance. Use the Selkirk Tacky Grip Towel to give you and your paddle the grip you need.


  • Clean: uses a non-toxic formula that's safe for use on skin
  • Won't Stain: no need to worry about unsightly marks or yellowing
  • Repels Moisture: makes hands and grips water-resistant upon use
  • No Lingering Sticky Feel: no leftover residue or waxy build up
  • Item #: SS-Tacky-Towel
Weight 0.10 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in