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Make every shot count with the new Dunlop SX600 Tennis Racquets. Our new SX racket series with SPIN BOOST technology is designed to help you play at pace with more spin, power and control, for true consistency. It’s not just about more spin, it’s about more in. Welcome to spin redefined

This racket offers a larger sweetspot in combination with a lighter weight to allow an very easy handling in all situations on the court. Perfect for players who hit the ball with a short-normal swing to generate an high power level in their hits.

The Dunlop SX600 Tennis Racquets are perfect for players looking for a larger sized head with easy access to spin, comfort, and control. At 10.2 ounces, the SX 600 features Dunlop’s Spin Boost Technology which is a dynamic set of SPIN BOOST grommets that allows more string movement, with the strings sliding in the direction of the arrows on impact. This makes the ball trajectory more controlled, for extra bite and accuracy on the ball when hitting shots off-center. The SX 600 also comes packed with PowerGrid StringTech — this creates a 30% larger sweet spot, evenly distributing power across the string bed. Get better control, more power and more spin. Lastly, the SX 600 features SonicCore with Infinergy, helping damner shock and reduce frame vibrations. The SX 600 offers a larger sweet spot, due to a larger head size, combined with a lighter weight to allow a very easy handling on the court.


  • Powered by Srixon: The new CX Series features an exciting new technology – Sonic Core made with Infinergy®, by BASF – a super elastic material, with the benefit of being very light, the perfect match to meet the demands of the modern day player.
  • Play Harder:  nfinergy® foam developed by BASF, the world’s first E-TPU, has significantly higher rebound properties to other materials such as EPP, EVA and EPE. Material rebound tests show a 46% increase in rebound height vs original Sonic Core material. When Infinergy® foam is combined with the CX frame the result is a faster ball speed off the racket for more aggressive shot-making.
  • Play withMaximum Comfort:  Sonic Core made with Infinergy® is located in the 2 and 10 o’clock areas of the racket, dampening impact shock and reducing frame vibrations by up to 37%, resulting a more comfortable hitting sensation and a reduced chance of injury
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Grip Size

4-0/8, 4-1/8, 4-1/4, 4-3/8

Racquet Specifications
Spec Type: MidPlus Specs
Head Size: 105 in² / 677.42 cm²
Racquet Length: 27.25in / 69.22cm
Strung Weight: 10.2oz / 289g
Balance: 13.5in / 34.29cm / 1 pt (HL)
Racquet Stiffness: 67
Beam Width: 23mm / 26.5mm / 23mm Tapered Beam
Power Level: Medium
Swing Speed: Medium
Grip Type: Dunlop Viper Dry
String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
String Tension: 40-60 Pounds