Dunlop SX300 LS Limited Tennis Racquet

Dunlop SX300 LS Limited Tennis Racquet

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Spec Type: MidPlus Specs
Head Size: 100 in / 645.16 cm
Racquet Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight: 10.6oz / 301g
Balance: 13.12in / 33.32cm / 3 pts (HL)
Racquet Stiffness: 67
Beam Width: 23mm / 26mm / 23mm Tapered Beam
Power Level: Low-Medium
Swing Speed: Medium-Low
Grip Type: Dunlop Viper Dry
String Pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
String Tension: 45-65 Pounds

The Dunlop SX300 LS Limited Tennis Racquet is based off the SX 300 and provides great maneuverability based on the lighter weight. Perfect for the intermediate to performance level players who like a racquet with a lighter weight to achieve fast hits with higher spin levels.

Dunlop has implemented all new SPIN BOOST + grommets into the SX racquet series. Dunlop adds a dynamic set of spin-enhancing grommets that work with a new spin boost string tech pattern to offer more spin, power and control. Dunlop has defined the shape of the grommets located on the 12 mains through the top section of the racquet hoop which is 2 more than the previous generation. This allows more string movement which helps create more bite on the ball.

Dunlop continues the use of SONIC CORE technology within the SX frames which is located at the 2 & 10 o’clock portions of the racquet. Made with Infinergy by BASF which is a world’s first E-TPU developed by BASF. Dunlop has designed the string bed to create more power distribution thanks to SPIN BOOST technology. Dunlop’s V ENERGY shaft greatly enhances frame stability and racquet power thanks to its unique V-shape frame geometry in the shaft area.


  • Play shots with more spin generation: An innovative enlargement of the string bed that creates more even power distribution and spin generation.
  • Play with more power and bite on the ball:  A unique V shape frame geometry in the shaft area of the racket, which greatly enhances frame stability and racket power.
  • Play harder, cleaner shots, with increased comfort:  This super elastic material dampens impact shock and reduces frame vibrations by up to 37%, resulting in a more comfortable hitting sensation and a reduced chance of injury.
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Grip Size

4-1/8, 4-1/4, 4-3/8